"I don't have a lot of "I can't" inside me."

— Oprah Winfrey

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"This was the second Customer Service class I’ve taken that you’ve led. You do a remarkable job! Thank you!"

Ron Maxson
Operations Supervisor, MCPS Facilities
Montgomery County, Maryland

"Sheila, you did a fantastic job at the ABC Conference! Your involvement truly enhanced the program and took the conference to a higher level of excellence and professionalism. You had a tremendous impact on the students which will be with them for a lifetime. I look forward to working with you in the coming months."

Kenneth E. Simons
Director, African Student Programs
University of California Riverside

"This is our second time hosting a career development workshop by Sheila Madison and she never disappoints! All of the students said that the Navigating the Employment Search Process workshop was extremely valuable and the information was easy to understand."

Rhiannon Little
Student Affairs Officer
University of California Riverside

"Sheila Madison's first presentation of the study skills and goal setting workshops, were such a success that our customers at the Oxon Hill Branch of the Prince George's County Memorial Library System (PGCMLS) suggested: she must be given more time. Sheila complied without hesitation. She began holding her workshops for grades fourth to seventh at the branch and her success continued-for the workshops that were filled. I have recommended her services to all the public branches of the PGCMLS. Great job Sheila, and thank you."

Faye Powell, Hillcrest Heights Branch Manager
Prince George's County Memorial Library System

"Your resume workshop was exceptional! Thank your for an extremely detailed, organized, and insightful presentation. You presented the information with great enthusiasm and I marveled at your ability to captivate and maintain the student's attention throughout the presentation. Feedback from the presentation evaluations confirmed that the students were impressed with your valuable and resourceful information. Thank you again for your time and assistance."

Alicia Williams, Senior Teacher Advisor
Essex County College

"Sheila, your presentation style was absolutely outstanding. The Goal Setting and Making Choices workshops that you facilitated for the City of Orange Township School System in collaboration with the Orange YWCA for adolescents and their parents were exceptional. You were able to communicate important information to both groups effectively and focus on the big picture as well as the details. Thank you for such an overwhelmingly positive experience!"

Grace Ophori, Coordinator of Adolescent Center for Excellence
YWCA Essex and West Hudson

"I really enjoyed this class. It helped me organize my job search. My resume, cover letter and thank you letter are great. I feel more confident about gaining the job I want. Thanks!"

Student, The Art Institue of Houston

"Ms. Madison was enthusiastic and exuded professionalism. She gave many examples of Q & A's relating to career research and development. She's fantastic. I'm one of those who didn't think I needed this class but ended up learning and improving in many areas. Thank you!"

Tina McPherson , Graphic Designer
John Daugherty, Realtors

"Ms. Madison is the best instructor I've encountered during my time at AiH! She's upbeat, enthusiastic and all together. I give her mega kudos."

Student, The Art Institue of Houston

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